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Collaborate across town, across country or worldwide with your clients, staff, vendors and contractors in a secure, accountable environment that you configure project by project.

Manage your extranet with 'point and click' ease. Designed for producers, project managers and department heads, XTRAMAX allows non technical staff to configure and deploy sites in just minutes. XTRAMAX saves time and reduces risk by reducing the need for custom development.

Seamlessly build a data warehouse. How often have you searched for that old budget template or info on a vendor you worked with last year? XTRAMAX presents a seamless collection point for what could be your most valuable asset: information - the kind you gather and generate every day on the job. Imagine a search engine that lets you find that automotive photographer who worked the sedan launch job in '96.

ROLES BASED SECURITY: Total control of staff on a content by content basis including additions, edits and dynamic messaging.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Scaleable architecture allows for multiple projects, clients and staff driven by a centralized management interface.

ASSET MANAGEMENT: XTRAMAX provides a seamless 'data collection point' for assets related to any project; word, xls, video, or images and archives them for review and retrieval at a later date.

MESSAGING AND ALERTS: Content change notifications and team messaging via email and SMS.

WORLDCLASS PARTNERS: For data storage, back-up and delivery, XTRAMAX has partnered with the worlds leading providers.